The KME Road Show Truck Tour 2013

Appreciated by the visitors, admired by our customers and served well by the KME staff - the KME Road Show truck toured successfully through Italy and Germany. Being present at the major events of the plumbing business we noticed a rising interest to receive detailed information about copper in the building environment and about the range of outstanding products and services KME delivers to the European markets.

Meeting face to face with plumbers, installers, planners and architects is encouraging us to continue touring in 2014. The outlook is promising: you will have the chance to visit the KME Road Show Truck in 2014 in France, Italy and Germany at some hot spots of the plumbing and building business dedicated to plumbers, installers and planners.

If you had already the chance to visit the truck, do not hesitate to join us again on board. We will have some new and interesting features to ease the way of getting in direct in touch with our products and solutions for the different building applications.

See you soon at the KME Road Show in 2014.